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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

CASINOAPP.NET guarantees the safety of all of the information and personal details that you provide to the website. The website implements state of the art technologies and protection firewalls in order to safeguard the data. It uses a 128-bit SSL Encryption system. Visitors and users of CASINOAPP.NET have to know that the safeguarding of their data is only applied to the data that they provide to CASINOAPP.NET only as CASINOAPP.NET can’t guarantee the safety of their data that they provide to 3rd party websites and external websites that they have accessed through links on CASINOAPP.NET. Same goes for the terms of this privacy policy as it is only applied to CASINOAPP.NET and not other websites. Users who go to other websites through CASINOAPP.NET will have to read and understand the privacy policy of these websites as CASINOAPP.NET will not be responsible for users once they leave the website.

All of the data that you provide to CASINOAPP.NET will not be sold or shared with third parties. We will only share the info with subsidiaries, partners and affiliates so it can deliver the products and services to users as well as providing them with customer support.

CASINOAPP.NET will never reveal or disclose your personal information unless they are required to by law. CASINOAPP.NET will never collect any kind of data from you without your knowledge and approval. This is why CASINOAPP.NET will gather information through polls, surveys and registration forms that you will have to fill in order to create an account on CASINOAPP.NET.

This information that is provided to CASINOAPP.NET include email address, physical address, billing address, phone number, cell phone number, first name, middle name, last name and more. You will be able to update and modify or even delete any of the personal information that you have provided whenever you want.