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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Terms of Service Document:

CASINO APP NET is only responsible for its own content and interactive media. This means that it is not responsible for you or your safety whenever you go to an external website that CASINO APP NET links to. For example, CASINO APP NET does not encourage the use of cookies but if you click on a link and go to another external website, you might be exposed to cookies. Therefore, CASINO APP NET will not be responsible for you.

CASINO APP NET can delete, add or modify any of the terms in this page whenever it sees necessary. It will change these terms without telling the users or the visitors before or following the changes.

The website would provide companies and websites with advertising services through ad spaces and published content. This published content may include casino reviews, casino articles and more.

If the content that is provided to you through CASINO APP NET is illegal according to the laws of your state or country, then it is your responsibility not to use or access CASINO APP NET.

All of the information and content that CASINO APP NET offers to you are provided to help you in your research only and it is not responsible for any change that might occur to these info. It is also not responsible if any of the data changes without the knowledge of CASINO APP NET because of the ever-changing nature of the business.

If you access the website, view its content, and interact with its interactive media files, it means that you have read and understood all of the terms on this page and that you approve of them and that you will abide by them as well. If you have any problem with any of these terms, you are advised against using CASINO APP NET and against viewing any of its pages or content.